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Pamper Me-Monday - 2 - Three Inexpensive Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home

Jessica Castillo-Perez

Posted on December 05 2016


I use to be the type of girl who would enjoy pampering my self on a weekly basis. Whether it was a spa day, getting my hair done or mani/pedy, my week would  feel incomplete without it. I found that after sometime, a good portion of my income was going towards my luxurious pampering habits and it had to stop. 2016 was the year that I focused heavily on my spending habits, but I was not ready to give up my pampering routine just yet.

So I slowly came up with creative ways to pamper myself without breaking the bank. Below I share my 3 favorite ways to inexpensively pamper yourself.

1. Prepare a Relaxing Hot Bath

Scrub the tub, light some candles, turn on your incense and get ready to indulge in a relaxing hot bath. Add your favorite essential oils, bath bombs or bubbles. Meditate for a few minutes and proceed to exfoliate your skin with your favorite scrub. Ive recently have been obsessed with SupiGlow tea and coffee scrubs which are naturally handcrafted with the highest quality herbs, bath salts, milk and oils. They are great from penetrating top layers of your skin and alleviate stress, body aches and restore moisture. To add to my experience, i sprinkle some rose petals and listen to some soft jazz music (my favorite album is Smooth Jazz All Starts Renditions of Erykah Badu). Does this sound relaxing or no?


2. Its Time To Use Your Polish (Call A Friend If You Have To)

I know how fabulous it feels to come out of the nail salon with a fresh set of painted nails, but imagine getting the same results for half of the price and without having to wait in line. So grab your favorite nail polish (i know you have a couple laying around at home), and color away. I like to first clip my nails, file to my desired shape, remove any dirt underneath the nails and scrub with my favorite DIY Sugar Scrub . Add 2-3 layers of polish and finish with a quick dry top coat. Its as easy as 1,2,3



 3. DIY At Home Facial

This is by far my favorite way to pamper. Grab a glass of your favorite wine (or sparkling water) and lets get started. I first grab my favorite pink robe, soft pink slippers and tie my hair in a bun. I begin cleansing my face to remove makeup and unwanted oils. With a damp cotton apply a non-alcoholic toner. I then proceed to steam my face by damping a small towel with hot water (optional: add essential oils to water. my favorite is lavender) carefully place on your face and allow 5-10 minutes for skin to soften and open up pores. Next, its time to use your favorite face mask. Im in love with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. Their slogan is no joke, it literally makes you feel like your face is pulsating (like a volcanic experience, don't be afraid this means its working). Rinse thoroughly with warm water and finish with your favorite moisturizer.

 See, that was not so bad. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Pamper Me-Monday. Id like to know, what ways are you planning to pamper yourself this week? Leave your thoughts in the comment section of this post.


Happy pampering

<3 Jess


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  • Amber Myers: December 12, 2016

    These are all awesome ideas. I personally love the hot bath one. I love them.

  • Agnes: December 12, 2016

    Nothing like a nice pamper session at home. Since facials are expensive I tend to do them at home too. I need to try that mask.

  • Aireona- Nightborn Travel: December 12, 2016

    I love to pamper at home, because I rarely if ever splurge on the spa or massages. This post has so many great ideas! Thank you so much!

  • lex: December 12, 2016

    amazing how one can really get that pamper feel. makes one wish to go through all of this right away.

  • andrea: December 12, 2016

    LOL ,I use that same mask! I love your list; this time of year we all could use a list like this:)

  • Ivonne: December 12, 2016

    Great money saving suggestions! All these services can really add up quickly especially if you’re doing them on a regular weekly basis.

  • Michelle Agnone: December 12, 2016

    This sounds amazing and would save lots of money!

  • Enricoh Alfonzo: December 12, 2016

    Such magnifico products here! especially the indianclay. sounds like the perfect gifts for my mother and sister.

  • leticia: December 12, 2016

    Love these. My favorite way is to take a warm bath and add a bath bomb. I love the smell and i love listening to the fizzy popping sounds!

  • Jennifer: December 12, 2016

    These are great ways to pamper yourself! I love your tip to give yourself a mani. I love painting my own nails and doing nail art. I like to either watch tutorials for nail art or create my own styles. Great tips!

  • Raquel Harbin: December 12, 2016

    I love to pamper myself these ways any chance I get. Kids take a toll on you!

  • Heather Denniston: December 12, 2016

    I love that Indian clay. That is awesome and the scrub stuff looks great!

  • josselyn radillo: December 11, 2016

    I love to use coffee to exfoliate my skin!!

  • angela key milnes: December 10, 2016

    Wow, This is a nice pampering for myself. I love using this aztec indian healing clay. It deep clean my pores

  • TColeman: December 10, 2016

    These are such great ideas. No one said that it had to be difficult or even expensive to pamper yourself.

  • Our Irish Family: December 09, 2016

    Thank you for sharing. The Indian Healing Clay sounds great, I’ll have to look it up and see if its available here.

  • ohmummymia: December 09, 2016

    I need it! especially hot bath:)

  • nicole: December 09, 2016

    I need more days for pampering myself.. love making my own beauty diys!

  • Jill Conyers: December 08, 2016

    I love making my own body scrubs. Using all of my favorite oils.

  • Meeta: December 08, 2016

    I do a home pampering session at home once a week but every 2 to 3 months I need something more professional. I think it’s a nice balance

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