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Pamper Me-Monday - 1 - Homemade Strawberry Sugar Scrub

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Posted on November 28 2016

This month I became a tad bit obsessed with learning about Astrology. I focused solely on moon phases and loved learning what each one met. The subject of self love and transformation was a consistent topic in the astro insights. This inspired me to brainstorm fun an inexpensive ways to rejuvenate and treat myself. I learned that in order for creativity to begin, we must take time to nourish and nurture ourselves. Sooo ... that's exactly what "Pamper Me-Monday" is all about; To nourish, to love, to pamper thyself!

On this weeks Pamper Me-Monday, I whipped up some ingredients in my kitchen and made myself a yummy strawberry sugar scrub to exfoliate and soften my skin. I intended to use this for an at-home pedi and realized it was equally beneficial to use as a body scrub.  Not only does it smell delicious, but the ingredients in my recipe are great for exfoliation, preventing acne, delaying aging and healing damaged skin.

Oh,oh, oh and if you are running on a low budget this Christmas, this could be an easy, thoughtful and yummy gift!



- 1 cup Freeze Dried Strawberry

- 3/4 cup Coconut Oil

- 1/3 cup Almond Oil

- 1/3 cup Vanilla Extract

- 2 cups Organic Turbinado Sugar


1.Grind freeze dried strawberries until very fine. You can use a zip-loc bag and crush the berries with a cup or hammer until texture become powdery.

2. In a separate bowl whip coconut oil, almond oil and vanilla extract for 1-2 minutes.


3. Combine strawberry powder and turbinado sugar


4. Mix all ingredients until a paste like consistency forms. If the consistency is to dry, add oils and if to runny add more sugar. Optional: Garnish with some freeze dried strawberries.

5. Pamper thyself! In the shower, scoop a handful amount then gently exfoliate and massage the skin. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with your favorite lotion.

**Store in an airtight mason jar for future use**

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  • Victoria Pease: December 07, 2016

    Woah this looks incredible, I imagine it smells like a strawberry daiquiri!


  • Erlene Amat: December 01, 2016

    I bet this smells wonderful!

  • Vedrana Jukicic Devcic: November 29, 2016

    Such a useful post. Thanks for this. :)

  • Maggie: November 28, 2016

    How long you can keep them? Should we store it in fridge?
    I like this DIY :)

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