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The Truth: An Honest Anecdote About My Life

Jessica Castillo-Perez

Posted on October 16 2017


It's been a while...

I feel nervous and excited.

I’d like to first note that I am not a writer (so I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors you may find in my posts), but I have a burning desire to help and support woman who are juggling a day job while trying to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

I’m also nervous because this is the first introduction to #NotSoGlamorous

So I begin with THE TRUTH …

I’m 26 years old going through quarter life crisis (I hope that’s a thing)

I graduated with a bachelorette degree in Accounting at the age of 20, landed what I thought was my dream job at the time with a starting salary of $50,000 (WHAT!). I lived in a newly built luxury complex with two bedrooms, gym facility and pool. I could not believe this was my life and I was so grateful for how far I had come.

The truth is … I wanted to study Entrepreneurship, but I was scared to think that starting a business out of college might have been too risky (especially because I had taken out 20K in student loans to study in the US)

The truth is … I worked 5 years in my career and towards the end began to despise it because it was not something I enjoyed to do. So I transitioned to a different career that allowed me more work life balance to begin working on my business dream.

The truth is … I started this small business idea in 2013 and have yet to make a profit (I’ll explain why in another post)

The truth is … I went through a terrible break up in 2015 which caused me to fall into a deep depression and as a result had to put my life and business on hold.

The truth is … After the breakup, I lost control of my finances and plunged into a large amount of debt. Which then affected my credit score and other financial aspects of my life.

The truth is …  life got tough and I lost my way.

BUT … one day I woke up and decided to change my life and perspective.  I found something positive out of each situation.

Starting a career at such a young age, made me realize the importance of following your passion and doing the things you love.

Transitioning to a new job, gave me the opportunity to start my business.

Going through a breakup, forced me to rebuild my confidence and fall in love with myself.

Losing control of my finances, helped me become more aware of my spending and the areas I needed to work more on.

THE TRUTH IS … this is my life! My journey has been a roller coaster, but I’m still standing! I’m a strong, confident and determined woman today because of my challenges and experience.

So why am I sharing all of this? Because #NotSoGlamorous is a movement that represents the struggle, but also overcoming challenges. This is a space where I will share the not so glamorous side of business and how to prepare so that you can enjoy the journey. This is a platform to become motivated and inspired.

Your safe place, judgement free zone where you can find love and support.

GOSH! That was a long post :) I hope you learned a little more about me and stay along for the ride.

<3 Jess


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